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My name is Jason Jacobs and welcome to My Climate Journey.

I’m a longtime software entrepreneur (was the founder of Runkeeper, one of the largest fitness apps and communities, before we sold to ASICS in 2016). Post-acquisition, I was really struggling w/ purpose. I wanted to work on something of great meaning for the world, but I didn’t know what that was.

Climate change was one of the things I looked at, but it seemed like too big and complicated of a problem, and I didn’t know how my skills could help. So, I tried to start another consumer app company. But I got a few months in, and felt like a total mercenary. And meanwhile, the IPCC report came out, the scientists’ alarm continued to grow louder and more frantic, the symptoms were becoming more visible, and it was increasingly clear we weren’t anywhere close to on the right path to get out of this pickle.

So, in December 2018, I shut the fledgling company down and returned almost all of the initial capital. Since then, I have been focused 100% on climate change. I went in still w/ no idea how my skills could help, but this time, much more determined. I started by just kind of attacking, talking to hundreds of people tackling this problem from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, as I tried to climb the learning curve as quickly as possible. I also started a monthly newsletter, updating people on all of the ground I’ve been covering, my evolving worldview, and where I could use help.

The newsletter has grown, and the community around it has been getting more and more active. And in the meantime, I have been talking to all of these experts, but their stories haven’t been shared beyond the notes app on my computer. Soooo…. this is what inspired me to start this podcast. To go through my climate journey even more transparently, sharing all of the discussions, debates, and stories from the front lines as I try to piece together this complicated puzzle.

By doing so publicly, I hope it will inspire more people to get involved, help get people up the learning curve faster, and help to get more people mobilized into action to help with this fight. I am also hopeful that, by showing our work along the way, our ultimate findings will be more credible, since it will be clear how we arrived at our conclusions.

So, welcome to My Climate Journey! Enjoy the ride.